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Our Lastest Products:

Ghibli Novital ‘Ghibli’ electric food dehydrator
Dry mushrooms and many other types of fruit and vegetable easily and quickly with this robust unit from one of Italy’s leading specialist food equipment manufacturers. Designed to provide years of trouble-free service, it has a proven record of reliability and will withstand heavy usage.
Based around a durable steel cabinet, the Ghibli includes five dish-washable polypropylene drawers each with a capacity of about 750g of fruit or 350-500g of vegetables.
Air is warmed by heater elements (switch operated settings permit selection of the correct temperature for the produce being dried) and is circulated through the trays by a powerful fan. Mushrooms are typically dried in about 3-5 hours (depending on size and moisture content), other produce may take up to 13 hours.

Overall size – 360mm x 360mm x 360mm
Drawer size – 340mm x 340mm x 40mm
Weight – 8kg (approx)
Power supply – 220-230 volts, 50 Hz
Resistance – 1,100 watts
Safety device – Thermal cut-out with automatic reset. Power connection – Supplied with Italian plug and UK adapter.
£139.95 including delivery (RRP £149.95.)

slicer Truffle mandolin
Add a gourmet touch to any meal with shavings of fresh truffle. Use this handsome Italian stainless-steel implement to maximise the flavour and aroma by slicing the truffle finely and evenly at the table. The adjustable blade enables it to be used for making shavings of other foodstuffs, such as chocolate and Parmesan cheese.