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Mycology Reference Centre

Our mycology center is an active research center that is constantly developing medical students, postgraduate students and scientists in learning more about fungal diseases. The center holds various courses on medical mycology and members can also get access to teaching references online.

The Mycology Reference Centre has interests in studying the following areas:

• Antifungal drug discovery.

• Antifungal susceptibility testing.

• Monitoring emerging antifungal resistance.

• Ecological and epidemiological studies on Fusarium, Cryptococcus, Scedosporium, Aspergillus, Candida, and the dermatophytes

Clinical Groupings for Fungal Infections

They include:

Superficial Mycoses

Most patients are not always aware of this fungal infection because there are almost no symptoms. Fungal infection does not affect living tissues.

Cutaneous Mycoses

This fungal infection has no reaction to living tissues but there are some notable changes that occur due to the infectious agent as well as its metabolic products.

Subcutaneous Mycoses

This fungal infection is chronic and is caused by soil saprophytes fungi that are able to live comfortably in tissues and cause serious conditions.