Kitchen Tools

Fridge magnets
A set of three delightful wooden fridge magnets, handmade from attractively figured timber offcuts and beautifully shaped and finished to create mystical mushroom shapes. Each magnet is approximately 50mm high, 35mm wide and 6mm thick, although size, shape and grain pattern vary from batch to batch

Mushroom bag
Mushrooms should never be wrapped in plastic – they will sweat and decay quickly. This practical cotton bag (size approx. 330mm x 210mm) with drawstring closer will extend their life and protect their flavour. Ideal for storing mushrooms in the fridge or for keeping species separate on a foray

brush (1) With over one thousand three-sided bristles, this neat rectangular brush (size approx. 70mm x 35mm) is more effective than a traditional brush and is more hygenic because dirt can’t become embedded in the stock. The all-moulded construction allows it to be cleaned under the tap or in the washing machine or dishwasher after use. Supplied with detailed instructions on the care of mushrooms.

Chopping board
The only board to use for preparing mushrooms! The realistic agaric design will appeal to every myco-gourmet. Overall size approx 240mm x 240mm with durable heat-resistant melamime faces.

ttowel Tea-towel
Make washing-up a more enjoyable experience with this hand-printed, unbleached, 100% cotton tea-towel (size 780mm x 470mm) which features a three-colour design inspired by Beatrix Potter’s fungi illustrations.