Quality imported dried mushrooms as sold at leading retailers under the ‘Fungi Foray’ brand. Supplied in large twist-top bags for better value – compare these quantities and prices at your local supermarket. Dried mushrooms are also available in larger quantities at even more competitive prices – please enquire

drymush Dried mushrooms
Porcini (Boletus edulis) 80g £6.50 Order now!
Chanterelles (Cantherellus cibarius) 90g £9.75 Order now!
Mixed forest selection (fairy ring, porcini and chanterelle) 80g

shakeo Shake-o-cini’ mushroom shaker
This art-deco style metal cannister is attractive enough to place on the dinner table and contains 50g of quality powdered Boletus edulis – a convenient way of adding the flavour of wild mushrooms to soup, pasta, risotto or any savoury dish

truffoil Truffoil concentrate
Top quality extra-virgin olive oil infused with white truffle (Tuber magnatum), the most revered and precious of all fungi. Use sparingly – a few drops will add the concentrated aroma to any dish. 55ml bottle. Winner of a ‘Great Taste’ award from the Guild of Fine Food Retailers

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