Books, videos and CD-roms  The past few years has seen a glut of mushroom books, some being better than others. Here’s a selection our favourite texts covering identification, cooking and growing mushrooms, alongside some excellent wild food titles. Scroll to the bottom of the page for videos and a CD-rom and add new dimensions to your myco-education.

identifierbook Identifying Mushrooms
David Pegler and Brian Spooner, 80 pages, 200mm x 150mm, colour, hardback
A compact study guide and identifier by two of the most highly respected British mycologists. Over 140 commonly found species are illustrated with clear colour photographs, written descriptions of habitat, appearance, structure and easy to use reference symbols. An ideal first book for a newcomer to the field

identifyediblebook How to Identify Edible Mushrooms
Patrick Harding, Tony Lyon and Gill Tomblin, 192 pages, 210mm x 145mm, colour, softback
With over 900 colour illustrations, this book details all of the important edible species and compares them with undesirable look-alikes. Spore prints, scale drawings and histograms are provided, together with practical information on related subjects such as fruiting seasons, poisoning, conservation, preserving and cooking fungi.

mushroomsgbbook Mushrooms and other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe
Roger Phillips, 288 pages, 290mm x 210mm, colour, softback
Consistently superb photography, a huge range of species and illustrations of specimens in various stages of development make this a favourite reference text for many mushroom collectors. (Sorry – out of stock at present: re-stock due in January 20001)

trufflebook Truffles: the Black Diamond and other kinds
Jean-Marie Rocchia, 174 pages, 250mm x 150mm, colour/b+w, hardback
This unique text must be essential reading for every gastronome. The author, an expert truffle hunter and cultivator, guides the reader through the wild and mysterious world of the European truffle industry, peppering his text with entertaining anecdotes and rounding off his encyclopaedic work with an awesome twenty-page recipe section.

chanterellebook The Chanterelle Book
Olle Persson and Bo Mossberg, 120 pages, 245mm x 175mm, colour, softback
This delightful appreciation of one of our most sought-after edible mushrooms contains a wealth of historical fact, gorgeous illustrations and sumptuous recipes, alongside practical advice on collecting, preserving, preparing and cooking chanterelles and associated species